Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our first meeting

The first meeting was held on 27th December 2008 at Somali Community Association of Ohio's (SCAO) Conference room. Hodon,our representative of the Young Somali Professionals of North America(YSPNA) Ohio chapter welcomed the new group - the Somali Nurses Association of North America.(SNANA) She provided information on YSPNA and their vision. A few members of YSPNA attended, I was one of them. And then Farhia got to introduce her vision for the Nurses organisation. There was approximately 20 nurses & nursing students who attended and actively discussed the activities, goals they would like to attain and selected a representative for each of their individual schools- Mount Carmen, Ohio State Univ, Otterbein College, Wright state & Columbus SCC as well as for the LPN group.
The meeting was also attended by president of SCAO Hassan Omar who emphasised the need of health care professionals to educate the Somali community because most of the Somali community members still face language and social barriers. He also mentioned his observations as a community leader and the health care issues faced among his constituents. Dr. Omar Awale our local Somali Family Medicine physician who is also a YSPNA member acknowledged the need of more education and outreach programs to help Somali patients to understand the importance of health care and nutrition and implement it in their lifestyle. He also shared his views and problems he faces on a daily basis when he treats his Somali patients.
After refreshments were served the meeting was later adjourned for a later date on agreement that members establish a facebook account so that planning to hold an educational session for nurses can continue.