Monday, March 23, 2009

First Community event on Diabetes Mellitus

Our first event was hosted by Somali Student Association(SSA) at Columbus State Community College(CSCC). The event took place on the 7th of March 2009 in Nestor Hall. Rashad Arman SSA's acting secretary introduced our group. He talked about the re-activation of our students group and its future plans. The event was attended by nurses, nursing student, CSCC student, CSCC faculty , other Somali health care professionals (respiratory therapist, Clinical laboratory technicians and Medical doctors) and guests.
Brenda Rendelman,RD, LD, CDE a Registered Dietitian from the Central Ohio Diabetes Association talked about prevention of Diabetes Mellitus and the role of nutrition. She educated us about the importance of portion sizing and the breakdown of the daily portion intake and provided suggestions on how to modify Somali cuisine to lead a healthy life. After refreshments Saida Yassin and I co-presented a lecture titled " Many faces of Diabetes Mellitus" which provided a review about diabetes Mellitus, it's definitions, classification, etiology, pathophysiology, treatment regimens and complications. We took a case scenario approach where Saida presented from a Physicians view the diagnosis, classification, treatment plan and chronic complications. While I discussed the etiology, pathophysiology and shared how nurses care for the diabetes patient at the bedside and what acute complications they may present within the emergency room. The event was educational , the attendees participated actively during the presentations and left promising to change the way they regard food and their lifestyle. So it was also successful. This educational event was necessary as I realized that we "Somali's" could be the next statistic in the diabetes epidemic if we fail to be aware of Diabetes Mellitus and its complication.
We had also invited representatives from different Somali community organisation to attend so that we could discuss Diabetes Mellitus impact on the Somali community. Except for a few who couldn't attend we were disappointed by their absence. Though we are partly responsible of sending the invites a bit late; We hope we will get better support next time.

Gacmo Wadajir Beey Wax ku kabsadaan

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